How do you know when you belong somewhere?


Is it when you step off the subway and are surrounded by your peers riding ahead of the Avant guard of culture, philosophy, fashion, art, music, collaboration, adventure, disruptive industry, everything 21st century and wholly new? We respect the history of Brooklyn, the borough of kings, but as is every New Yorker, we are transplants growing wild in this under developed Brooklyn soil, trying to make it as young anything’s and everything’s. Young artists, like Miru Kim the photographer who’s work hangs on our walls as a symbol of our devotion to creation. Young entrepreneurs, like Laurence and Selena who are MDs following a new path brewing and selling kombucha, pounding the pavement to get their product sold and their dreams fulfilled. Young travelers, like Olga who came to the US from South America on a student visa, in search of experiences new and unique that you will only find in Brooklyn, and never left. Young spiritualists, like Hunter who leapt from a five figure salary with a prominent Manhattan ad agency into the unknown: his passion, exploring the soul through alternative theater and performance art.  This place, Brooklyn, seems old. People will tell you it has been here for hundreds of years. But these twenty and thirty somethings have created a new form for it. a new culture. One interested in celebrating with the older, more conservative, culture that came before it, but also a culture that, never the less that, is something unseen in all the history of NYC. They are vital, they are hungry, they are new, they are coming to Brooklyn in waves. They are the center of the universe, or at least the only universe you would want to be a part of. And who are We? We are the organization transforming the abandoned and derelict into the new and modernized. We provide the spaces where the next Jack Kerouac will crash on a couch, where the next Allen Ginsberg will throw his private poetry readings/ cocktail party. We want to be a part of the coming wave.

Move with us. We’ll make room for you.