Dragonfly Developments

Named in homage to the dragonfly's deft agility and commanding place as an apex insect, Dragonfly Developments seeks to succeed in consort with the existing environment. A boutique firm focused in Brooklyn, our projects respect the local neighborhood while growing and improving the individual properties we develop.

Ben is a Brooklyn real estate developer and owner of the boutique design firm that created 139 Meserole St. in East Williamsburg in 2016. His background in architecture and urban planning, along with his passion for sustainable development, are key ingredients that make him a trendsetter for the fast-moving landscape of Brooklyn. His building has set an example for contextual developments that respect the local aesthetics of the neighborhood.


One of the most promising up-and-comers in the Brooklyn real estate business, we are happy to call him our founding managing member and pursue his aggressive path forward into more profitable and desirable areas in a manner that is both neighborhood-sensitive and inclusive.

Ben Pinover

CEO of Dragonfly

With a lifetime of experience counseling the country’s largest development companies, Gene is a trusted friend to the company.


Gene has been involved in the acquisition of more than 20 million square feet of New York City office buildings, and over 50 million square feet of regional mall and shopping center transactions. He has also been ranked No. 1 in Real Estate in New York City by Chambers and Partners.

Eugene Pinover

Friend of Dragonfly

Hannah joined Dragonfly Development in 2017 as the head of marketing, and assists her father and brother in all aspects of the planning and development of new properties. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2009 and has been living in New York since. She has learned everything about real estate development from her father and mentor Eugene Pinover. 

Hannah Pinover

Office manager

Jeffrey is the CEO and principle owner of Sherwood Equities, Inc. With a MBA from Wharton, he has owned, developed and managed properties valued in excess of over $3 billion over the past 30 years.


As the developer of One Times Square, Two Times Square, and 1600 Broadway, Jeffrey was actively involved in reshaping Time Square, and currently operates three of Time Square’s most prominent properties. His company has also developed six major residential condominium hi-rises and over 1 million square feet of industrial buildings in the metropolitan area.

Jeffrey Katz

Friend of Dragonfly

Jim is one of the primary shopping mall developers in the United States of America. He serves as chairman of the board and CEO of JW&A Jim Wilson and Associates, directing the strategic and financial decisions for the Wilson Portfolio. Following graduation from the University of Alabama, with a BS in Business Administration, Jim worked for one of the largest commercial banking firms in NYC before returning to JW&A.


Founded in 1975, JW&A has developed and managed a wide array of office, residential and commercial properties, millions of square feet of shopping malls, and currently has 42 equity partners around the country.

Jim Wilson

Friend of Dragonfly

Pradeep has overseen numerous high-rise buildings constructed over the past 28 years in downtown Manhattan. With a background in civil engineering, Pradeep started as mechanical engineer for a 42 story office building in 1980s, and since managed the construction of more than 20 major buildings throughout the city.


He served as vice president for Skanska USA, and Tishman Construction & Realty for several years before opening his own consulting firm in 2011. Pradeep brings his expertise to a variety of projects, from the $200 million World Trade Center HUB entrance to a boutique condo in Brooklyn.

Pradeep Mehra